About Us

SupplyBuy is based in Talladega, AL where its headquarters has been since 1958. We started out by servicing the textile industry exclusively, but have branched out to industries of all kinds as we have grown over the last 50+ years.

There are many companies that sell supplies, particularly in this digital age, and we realize that you have a choice of where to do your business. At SupplyBuy, we view our customers as our partners. Our customers rely on us to deliver the items they need to keep their business running and we take that responsibility seriously.

We have industry experts in every major category of products that we sell. Whether you are the maintenance supervisor at a sawmill, a HVAC technician, a procurement manager for a major car manufacturer, or a DIY homeowner that needs a tool for your next big project, we have someone on staff that understands your needs and stands ready to help you to keep your business or project running smoothly.

At SupplyBuy, we believe in utilizing technology to make your life easier. We offer one-invoice monthly billing for qualified business accounts, allowing you to easily reconcile your transactions. For larger organizations, we can set department level or individual monthly spending limits, ensuring that each department remains within its monthly budget. You can set recurring monthly orders for basic supplies so that you never have to worry about remembering to order, and you will always have a digital record of your order history at your fingertips.

In addition to our curated product catalog, we are uniquely positioned to offer basic fabrication and machine work. Custom parts are just a click or a call away. If it’s a job that doesn’t match our capabilities, our experts can always point you in the right direction to make sure your job is completed quickly and economically.

Many things have changed in our 50+ years in the supply business, but our values remain the same. We’ve always made servicing our customers, big or small, our number one priority. While the tools that we use to reach our customers have changed, we believe that personalized service and industry knowledge are more important than ever.